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Below is a list of current job openings at Hollywood Sports (HSP), SC Village (SCV), California Paintball (CPP) or Giant Paintball (GSD) Parks. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

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TitleJob field
Fort PaintballOperations-Fort (Allen, TX)
Fort Paintball and Airsoft Sales-Fort (Allen, TX)
Fort Paintball and Airsoft Gun Technician Operations-Fort (Allen, TX)
Fort Paintball Cashier Sales-Fort (Allen, TX)
Giant Lakeside Paintball and Airsoft Team MemberFacilities-GSD (Lakeside, CA)
Hollywood Sports Park Assistant Manager Administration-HSP (Bellflower, CA)
Hollywood Sports Park Security OfficerOperations-HSP (Bellflower, CA)
Hollywood Sports Park: Team MemberOperations-HSP (Bellflower, CA)
SC Village CustodianFacilities-SCV (Chino, CA)
SC Village Paintball Park Team MemberOperations-SCV (Chino, CA)
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